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London-based Alison Cotton has emerged as a unique voice in the UK’s music scene since 2018. With her haunting viola, vocals, and harmonium, Alison creates ethereal soundscapes that merge the arcane with the modern, crafting a distinct auditory experience.

Alison began her musical journey with The Left Outsides, marking her future direction with an untitled collaborative album with Michael Tanner. Her first solo album, ‘All Is Quiet at the Ancient Theatre,’ was a deep dive into mystical realms, with each piece named after a space, real or imagined, that inspired its creation. Her versatility extends beyond the viola to percussion, recorder, and piano, enriching the texture of her compositions.

Commissioned by the BBC, Alison’s music for Muriel Spark’s ghost stories showcased her ability to create haunting narratives, while albums like ‘Only Darkness Now’ and ‘The Portrait You Painted of Me’ received critical acclaim for their depth and innovation. Her live performances, from BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction to European festivals, resonate with the emotional depth and intensity of her recordings.

“Alison Cotton’s
solo work speaks of places,
people and stories not quite of this world,
while orchestrating folk and drone
elements meticulously, as if
following an arcane

The Wire


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